Why Women Get More AutoImmune Diseases

It is a widely reported fact that women are far more likely to fall prey to almost every type of autoimmune disease, but the reasons for this are not clearly understood.  This article examines the evidence regarding the incidence rates of autoimmune disease among different age, gender, and socio-economic groups, and the possible causes explaining […]

Nurture vs. Nature: How Much Control Do You Really Have Over Your Health?

Many people—including many health practitioners—believe that our susceptibility to disease is built into our genes and thus we have little control over what happens to us.  The thinking, and a fairly robust body of evidence, suggests that if your parents and grandparents suffered from a particular disease, the probabilities are high that you will acquire […]

Are You Smarter Than Your Doctor?

A few years ago, there was a widely publicized health incident that bewildered a multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists for many weeks.  Let’s see if your critical thinking skills are on a par with—or superior to—those of most physicians.  This case presents information that was publicly available at the time of the incident, as reported […]