The Fallible Physician

  We often ascribe God-like qualities to our physicians, largely because we believe they are the unique custodians of complex and arcane medical knowledge, and because we depend on them for our very lives and everyday health.  To be sure, most doctors are indeed smart—they couldn’t meet the high entrance requirements at most medicals schools nor […]

You Are Not an Algorithm: Why Online Self-Diagnoses Fail

How many people search for health information online?  According to Google, the world’s two billion internet users spend 21% of their online time performing searches, and the single most popular search is for health information.  In fact, eight in ten internet users look online for health information, making it the third most popular online activity […]

The Conflict of Interest Between You and Your Doctor

   A review of the national accounts of thirty industrialized nations reveals that the United States has the highest cost of patient care by far when compared to any other country in the world. As a percentage of Gross National Product, health care in the U.S. consumes over 16% of total productive output, representing almost […]