First Bees, Then You: How to Save Yourself and the Planet

We often don’t give much mind to bees, other than thinking of them as pesky little insects that seemingly sting us indiscriminately.  In fact, they are one of the most important organisms on earth, responsible for producing 90% of the world’s nutrition and the very food that keeps us alive.  Without bees, many plants and […]

Why Women Get More AutoImmune Diseases

It is a widely reported fact that women are far more likely to fall prey to almost every type of autoimmune disease, but the reasons for this are not clearly understood.  This article examines the evidence regarding the incidence rates of autoimmune disease among different age, gender, and socio-economic groups, and the possible causes explaining […]

Quick Fix for 18 Years of Migraine Suffering

Recently, I analyzed a longstanding problem for a young woman who had been suffering with debilitating migraine pain for almost eighteen years.  As with most migraine sufferers, her doctors were of little help finding a solution for her pain beyond prescribing heavy-duty medication that had little or no effect in reducing either the duration or […]

Diagnose My Symptoms Correctly – The Troubling Case of Hammer Toes

A few years ago, I was asked to analyze a problem a friend of mine was experiencing with an uncomfortable foot deformity.  Specifically, she was experiencing a chronic and pronounced curling of her toes which produced an unsightly elevating of her middle toe joints, accompanied by frequent cramping and rubbing of her toes against her […]