Are You Smarter Than Your Doctor?

A few years ago, there was a widely publicized health incident that bewildered a multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists for many weeks.  Let’s see if your critical thinking skills are on a par with—or superior to—those of most physicians.  This case presents information that was publicly available at the time of the incident, as reported […]

How to Narrow Down the True Cause of Your Illness

  How often has your doctor tried multiple therapies to treat your illness unsuccessfully—or suggested another invasive treatment regimen that looks highly questionable?  You are not alone.  Each year, an estimated 60 million patients go home with a misdiagnosis of their health condition; hospital autopsies regularly reveal that at least twenty percent of serious patient […]

The Fallible Physician

  We often ascribe God-like qualities to our physicians, largely because we believe they are the unique custodians of complex and arcane medical knowledge, and because we depend on them for our very lives and everyday health.  To be sure, most doctors are indeed smart—they couldn’t meet the high entrance requirements at most medicals schools nor […]